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General rules

Students should take part in the online classes via MS Teams. The material to study is available at the Moodle surface. The lectures and practicals are recorded but it is advised to take part and study, practise live during the actual classes.

Students must prepare a drawing assignment for 20 points. Drawings which are not prepared according to the formal requirements are not acceptable. The assignments should be done on schedule and with understanding. Late submission of an assignment or returned (usnsatisfactory) drawing can be accepted with one week delay. In case of late submission, the grade will be decreased by 4 points.

Student must also prepare a modelling assignment for 10 points about polyhedra. In case of late submission, the grade will be decreased by 2 points.

Students must take two tests. Having regard to the online education and the pandemic, students may use the online and written materials during the tests but may not communicate to each other or anyone else meanwhile. The first retake test will be organized during the semester, the second one during the retake week. The material of the tests: the lecture notes, notes and excercises about the theory and practical topics provided on the Moodle surface, the workbook, material covered during the lectures or practicals, as well as geometric problems which are similar to the ones solved during the classes.


Students must gain at least 50 points out of maximum 100 points during the semester. The minimum requirements for the tests and drawings are as follows:

  • min. 17.5 points out of max. 35 points for each midterm = 2 x min. 17.5 = min. 35 points
  • min. 10. points out of max. 20 points for the drawing assignment
  • min. 5 points out of max. 10 points for the modelling assignment

Students may receive extra points in case of outstanding activity (solving extra excercises). 

Grading policy

90-100% 5 (excellent) // 80-89% 4 (good) // 65-79% 3 (satisfactory) // 50-64% 2 (pass)

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