The Beginning of Architecture, Vernacular Architecture - BMEEPETA101


    Lecturer: Peter Rabb PhD

    Lecturer responsible for the subject: Peter Rabb PhD

    Credits: 3

    Requirements: examination

    Educational form: exam

    Brief summary:

    The course gives an overview of the architecture in the first period of the evolution of human culture. The classes follow chronology – mainly in the first part of the course – with focusing on the development of building constructions and the development of settlements.

    Prehistory: paleolithic human claim to space, from the cave to the hut. Building activity of neolithic peasants, one-celled houses and fortified settlements. Introduction to building costruction in the Near East and Europe.

    In the second part the course gives an overview of the vernacular architecture of the world.

    Native architecture: comperative outline of the architecture of hunting, pastoral and farming peoples. Construction, building materials and decorations. Native American, African and European architecture.

    The practical lessons show details were delivered in the lecture before. The drawings drawn by students help them to understand the colourful world of common and rural architecture.