Contemporary Architect Offices - BMEEPIP0893



    Head of course:      József Árva DLA
    Hours per week:      2 hours lecture
    Credits:                  2 credits

    Requirements:        Participation in 70% of the lessons is set as a condition. 
                                 Only the active practice counts for presence.
    Final requirements: critical presentation submission // oral exam

    ’Contemporary Architectural Offices’ is a theoretical course about contemporary Hungarian architecture. Guest lecturer Hungarian architects take lectures and site visits week by week from new buildings.

    The aim of Contemporary Architectural Offices course is twofold. On the one hand, it intends to complete practical experience in university architectural education, on the other hand, would like to draw attention to the importance of architectural criticism, which is essential part of professional architectural practice.

    For these purposes, during the semester, week by week we invite a well-known Hungarian architect / office as guest lecturer to presents its practice, plans and buildings in the form of a lecture or a site visit.

    The lectures and site visits are in English language.

    In the end of the semester during an oral exam every student has to make a critical presentation from one of the building which was presented in the course. The theme of the presentation will be given on the last lecture on the 6th May 2022. On the 13th May 2022 there will be a consultation event according to the time schedule. The presentation should analyse the choosen building based on the author’s own point of view and opinion, plus have to compare with a similar building from the author’s home country. The final presentation has to be a scientific and theoretical architectural student lecture in maximum 6 minutes and 15 slides.


    1st week // 18th February 2022, Friday 14:15 // lecture
    Introductory lecture - lecturer: József Árva DLA

    2nd week // 25th February 2022, Friday 14:30 // architectural tour 
    Contemporary Architecture in Buda Castle – lecturer: József Árva DLA

    3rd week // 4th March 2022, Friday 14:15 // lecture 
    St Gellért Station – Metro4 – lecturer: Hatvani Ádám, Sporaarchitects

    4th week // 11th March 2022, Friday 14:15 // lecture 
    2nd Guest lecture – lecturer: Ágnes Deigner, Konkrét Stúdió

    5th week // 18th March 2022, Friday 14:15 // lecture  
    3rd Guest lecture – lecturer: Miklós Péterffy and Bálint Dőry, Péterffy + Dőry architects

    6th week // 25th March 2022, Friday 14:15 // lecture
    4th Guest lecture – guest lecturer

    7th week // 1st April 2022, Friday // no lecture
    Preliminary studio week

    8th week // 8th April 2022, Friday // lecture
    5th Guest lecture – guest lecturer

    9th week // 15th April 2022, Friday 14:15 // no lecture
    Good Friday

    10th week // 22nd April 2022, Friday 14:15 // lecture
    6th Guest lecture – guest lecturer

    11th week // 29th April 2022, Friday 14:15 // lecture
    7th Guest lecture – guest lecturer

    12th week // 6th May 2022, Friday 14:15 // lecture
    Closing lecture about final presentation and choosing theme - lecturer: József Árva DLA

    13th week // 13th May 2022, Friday 14:15 // lecture
    Consultation - lecturer: József Árva DLA

    14th week // 20th May 2022, Friday 24:00 // online submission
    Submission of final presentation on MOODLE system

    15th week // 27th May 2022, Friday 24:00 // online submission
    Delayed submission of final presentation on MOODLE system