Architecture of Workplaces 1 - BMEEPIPA401


    Lecturer: István Bartók DLA

    Responsible lecturer: István Bartók DLA

    Classes per week: 2 hours lecture


    Participation in 70% of the lessons – according to the Code of Studies – is set as a condition.

    In-person participation in lessons until any different Dean’s Directive or other BME online education measures of higher level. In case of absence from more than 30% of the total number of lessons, the credits of the subject cannot be obtained. Max. 3 lessons absence is allowed.

    Min requirement of accomplishment: There are two mid-term tests and one additional test during the course. There is scoring for each test. The average of the two best tests must be at least 50% of the points of the two tests.

    Credit value: 2 credits

    Requirements: Written exam. Examination due to the regulations of the faculty – according to Code of Studies