Comprehensive design studio 2M IP - BMEEPIPM2KX

  • Consultants: József Árva DLA, István Bartók DLA, Iván Nagy DLA, Dávid Szabó DLA, Zoltán Szécsi DLA, Zsolt Vasáros DLA

    Head of course: István Bartók DLA

    Hours per week: 10 hours practice

    Credits: 10 credits

    Requirements: Project submission. Participation in 70% of the lessons is set as a condition. Only the active practice counts for presence. In case of absence from more than 30% of the total number of lessons, the credits of the subject cannot be obtained.

    By the deadline due to the timetable, the final project must be handed in – irrespectively of its readiness.

    One test with at least a pass mark. The 1st test is obligatory.

    Short description:

    Comprehensive design is a two-semester course. The task of the first semester – Comprehensive design I – is the elaboration of the project's program design, Comprehensive design II is for the detailed elaboration of the design.

    During this one has to acquire the method to develop a concept to a technical solution. This phase of architectural design is a primary condition of the feasibility of any building. A perfect concept can only become a successful work through the careful, technically correct, aesthetic forming and elaboration of the details. Forming details requires a high degree of professional knowledge, advanced aesthetical sense, holistic creative skills, and a realistic economic approach. To acquire the methods of this complicated activity only on a basic level intensive utilization of the study period is necessary. The project has to be improved on the basis of critics on the Comprehensive design I of the departments. The projects can be improved in terms of architecture as well with the possible presenting of the original concept.