Department Studio 2 IP - BMEEPIPM2TG

  • Consultants: József Árva DLA, István Bartók DLA, Iván Nagy DLA, Dávid Szabó DLA, Zoltán Szécsi DLA, Zsolt Vasáros DLA

    Head of course: Zsolt Vasáros DLA

    Hours per week: 6 hours practice

    Credits: 6 credits

    Requirements: Participation in 70% of the lessons is set as a condition. Only the active practice counts for presence.

    Short description: Departmental Practice 2 is a course, which can be subscribed to in the semester of the Comprehensive Design 2 course. The requirement is to create an individually understandable piece of work, which is also in connection with and helping the design progress of the Comprehensive Design project. The specific requirements are defined by each department and tutor so that they fit the Comprehensive Design projects, in accordance with the general goals.

    The chosen task for the course may be a deeper examination one of the design aspects of the Comprehensive Design project, beyond the requirements of the Comprehensive Design course. It might as well be of an analytical character resulting in a study, or a research-like, scientifically appropriate documentation.

    It is possible to continue working on the piece started during the Departmental Practice 1 / Comprehensive Design 1., nevertheless, a new type of task/content can be chosen as well.

    It is required during both courses to aim for the best result of university level expected to reach during one semester. The material submitted is the result of the students’ individual work and research, with the help of personal consultation with the tutors, in compliance with the relevant parts of the Code of Studies.