Comprehensive Design 2, Studio T - BMEEPIPT911


    Consultants: József Árva DLA, István Bartók DLA, Iván Nagy DLA, Dávid Szabó DLA, Zoltán Szécsi DLA, Zsolt Vasáros DLA

    Head of course: István Bartók DLA

    Hours per week: 10 hours practice

    Credits: 10 credits

    Requirements: Project submission. Due to the current dean’s circular 1 personal consultation plus 1 online (single or team) consultation possibility is offered. The design diary must be continuously diarized about the design process. The course being based on consultation, continuous, real consultation is recommended throughout the semester!

    Short description:

    Comprehensive design is a two semester course. The task of the first semester – Comprehensive design I – is the elaboration of the projects program design, Comprehensive design II is for the detailed elaboration of the design.

    During this one has to acquire the method to develop concept to technical solution. This phase of architectural design is a primary condition of feasibility of any building. A perfect concept can only become a successful work through the careful, technically correct, aesthetic forming and elaboration of the details. Forming details requires high degree of professional knowledge, advanced aesthetical sense, holistic creative skills and realistic economic approach. To acquire the methods of this complicated activity only on basic level intensive utilization of the study period is necessary. The project has to be improved on the base of critics on the Comprehensive design I of the departments. The projects can be improved in terms of architecture as well with the possible presenting of the original concept.