Architectural Research for Exchange Students - UI - BMEEPUI0995

  • Architectural research for exchange students - Department of URBAN PLANNING AND DESIGN

    Person in charge of the department: Julianna SZABÓ PhD
    Tutors in the 2023 spring semester:
    Melinda BENKŐ PhD, Annamária BABOS

    Credits: 6
    Contact hours per week: according to the timetable
    Grading: semester mark

    Short description of the course: 

    Architectural Research for Exchange Students on the topics of the Department's competency. The goal of the course is to get students acquainted with the methodology of urban research and the multidisciplinary urban challenges around the world with the topic of housing. During the courses, you will research a particular topic and get acquainted with the formats of scientific research: case study analysis, abstract, research poster, scientific paper and conference presentation. 

    The research process contains 

    • approaching the subject with a case study,

    • formulating a relevant research question(s) and hypothesis, 

    • summing up related international literature, 

    • specifying and processing a small research methodology 

    • write a whole research paper in the a given form

    • and finally presenting the research process and the r

    During the 2023's spring semester, the language of the research and the study could be English or French, but the final oral presentation should be given in English.