Introduction to Architecture - BMEEPUIA101


    lecturers: Dr. BENKŐ Melinda habil PhD, KÁDÁR Bálint PhD
    person in charge: Dr. BENKŐ Melinda habil PhD
    Tuesday 14:15 – 16:00 / K285
    grading: semester mark / 2 credits

    The intent of the subject is to raise and maintain first-year students’ professional interest and give a common architectural language preparing for further special courses. The purpose of the subject is to make students’ attitudes positive towards architecture; enlarge their intellectual capacities and get them to understand the many-sided learning processes of architecture: lectures, texts, project analyses, films, etc.


    Benkő Melinda (Szerk.) (2018): Szavak mögött / behind words 2007-2018

    Farrelly, Lorraine (2012): The Fundamentals of Architecture (2nd edition), Lausanne: AVA.

    Radford, Antony; Morkoc, Selen; Srivastava, Amit (2014): The Elements of Modern Architecture: Understanding Contemporary Buildings, New York: Thames & Hudson.