Urban Design 1 - BMEEPUIA501


    Person in charge at the department: Árpád SZABÓ
    Lecturers: Árpád SZABÓ, Bálint KÁDÁR
    Credits: 2 
    Hours per week: 2
    Grading: exam, practical task for extra points 

    A theoretical course of the fifth semester with the task to introduce students to the theoretical background of Urban Planning and Design with specially focusing on the knowledge and skills necessary for the successful participation in the Design courses later on in the curriculum. The course deals with the historical background, fundamental theories, basic typologies, most widespread forms, and basic sustainability aspects of urban design and planning.

    According to university regulations class appearance has to exceed 70%! The class appearance will be checked regularly during lectures. Low attendance will be incorporated in the semester grade.

    The course ends with a written exam. Besides a small practical task has to be fulfilled and submitted in time.

    There is an optional possibility of gaining a mark: there is a reading assignment in the semester and preparing a small task at an acceptable level connected to the reading assignment can result in a mark offers.