City Design 2 - BMEEPUIM2V1


    Person in charge at the department: Bálint KÁDÁR
    Lecturers: Bálint KÁDÁR
    Credits: 5
    Hours per week: 5
    Grading: practical task + semester is followed by the City Design Global

    Short description:

    The theoretical and practical course of the third semester of City Design specialization. The goal of the course is to deepen the knowledge of students in the field of Urban planning and design through theoretical lectures and practical tasks. The semester is organized around an actual urban planning assignment, where real planning skills will be developed, but the task will be followed by theoretical lectures that will provide the background of the skills. The course deals with issues of sustainability, smart cities, and is based on the practicalities of professional practices. The course will teach new software tools for faster and more sustainable design methods, namely Digital Blue Foam and space Syntax.


    Wednesdays  9:15 AM - 5 PM




    4. November    


    introduction, general information

    introduction of the Space Syntax theory and tool

    definition of the design topics – redevelopment of Komárom Danube area

    task out: analysis of the area


    11. November

    introduction of the Digital Blue Foam software environment

    consultation: the design area and first ideas

    task out: create comparable masterplans is fictive areas with Digital Blue Foam


    18. November

    practical review of depthmapX and space syntax

    consultation on DBF masterplans

    task out: concept for street structure measured in space syntax


    25. November  

    introduction to sustainability issues related to the design area

    practical review of DBF for the design site

    consultation: space syntax models and concepts

    task out: revised space syntax model and concept in DBF 


    3. December

    student presentations:  concept and models in space syntax and DBF

    consultation of the projects

    task out: final DBF model 


    9. December

    consultation of the projects

    task out: export to ArchiCAD as BIM model

    preliminary deadline for submissions is on the 16th of December 2020

    final deadline and presentation for submissions is the 6th of January, 2021, 9:30