History of Theory of Architecture 2 - BMEEPET0408



    History of Theory of Architecture 2. BMEEPET 0408

    Lecturer: Béla Pazár and János Krähling

    Lecturer responsible for the subject: János Krähling

    Number of lessons per week: 2

    Credit points: 2

    Requirements: exam

    Brief description of the syllabus of the subject:

    The course presents, exposes and explains the most important constituent facts, selected from the innumerable differrent intellectual reflections of the twentieth century and the second milleneum, as a rich and simultanous interplay of paralell stories, either promoting, or opposing each other. It doesn’t interpret history as a homogenously evolving story, emerging from the past, but at the same time, it doesn’t deny the importance of creating histories. Instead of a simple, successive presentation of well known historical facts, or a collection of fashonable notions, topics and themes, it rather concentrates on exploring their syncronic functional relationships and finding creative and relevant conclusions for the practice.

    Course requirements: attendance of all lectures and submission of the 3 papers as preconditions of the written exam.

    1. Introduction, theory and history in the 20. century.

    2. Dominant modern reflections: Riegl, Loos, Corbusier

    3. Science, technology, art, future, constituent parts of the modern identity

     Submission of first paper, free essay on one of the topics 1.2.3.  5 pages sketches     pictures pdf

    4. Great histories of modern architecture. History, or theory?

    5. The destructions of modern technologies. Totalitarian regimes, and the war. Post war time, neo-technicism and total utopies of the sixties, Banham, Archigram.

    6. Rediscovering the operative function of history. Kahn, Venturi. Vulgar    modernism and vulgar historicism.

    Submission of second paper, free essay on one of the topics 4.5.6.  5 pages sketches, pictures pdf

    7. The global, the regional, the rural, the archaic. Structuralism, accidentism.

    8. Positive and negative side of modern urbanism.

    9. Beyond modern histories. Critical theories, antologies. Presence and representation. Deconstruction, phenomenology, hermeneutics.

    Submission of third paper, free essay on one of the topics 7.8.9  5 pages sketches pictures pdf

    Repeated submission of missing papers, not more than two