History of Theory of Architecture 2 - BMEEPET0408


    Lecturer: Béla Pazár and János Krähling

    Lecturer responsible for the subject: János Krähling

    Number of lessons per week: 2

    Credit points: 2

    Requirements: exam

    Brief description of the syllabus of the subject:

    The course presents, exposes and explains the most important constituent facts, selected from the innumerable differrent intellectual reflections of the twentieth century and the second milleneum, as a rich and simultanous interplay of paralell stories, either promoting, or opposing each other. It doesn’t interpret history as a homogenously evolving story, emerging from the past, but at the same time, it doesn’t deny the importance of creating histories. Instead of a simple, successive presentation of well known historical facts, or a collection of fashonable notions, topics and themes, it rather concentrates on exploring their syncronic functional relationships and finding creative and relevant conclusions for the practice.