History of Architecture in Hungary 1 - BMEEPETO801


    Lecturer: János Krähling

    Lecturer responsible for the subject: János Krähling

    Number of lessons per week: 2

    Credit points: 2

    Requirements: mid-semester mark

    Brief description of the syllabus of the subject:

    The subject History of Architecture in Hungary I. – that is followed by the subsequent subject History of Architecture in Hungary II.  – aims to present and analyse the architecture of historic Hungary in European and domestic context from the architecture of Pannonia to the end of the 18th Century, till the end of Baroque period. The principle of the presentation is the chronological interdependence; however, particular attention is given to the main trends within the different periods as the main stylistic tendencies or external and internal factors that determine the historical and architectural context. A great emphasis is given to the exploration of the connections between the European and Hungarian history of architecture.