Preservation of Historic Monuments - BMEEPETT611

  • Lecturer: prof. Tamás MEZŐS

    Cours account: prof. Tamás MEZŐS

    Educational methods: lectures, 2 credits

    Requirements: exam

    The course gives an overview on history and theory of the architectural preservation in Europe and Hungary. The program presents the evaluation of the way of thinking from purism to the modern practice of restoration. It is an important part, when national and international documents and theoretic papers are discussed, form Morris and Ruskin’s work, over Boito’s “Prima carta del restauro” (1883) to Krakow Charter 2000 and the Burra Charter.

    Following the historic part, some technical aspects of preservation are discussed, i.e. surveying methods and techniques, non-destructive and destructive building archaeological methods etc. The brief introduction to building archaeology helps to understand the importance of theoretic reconstruction of independent building phases of the historic monument. The detailed discussion of the topic is part of the Preservation of historic buildings 2 – Building archaeology elective subject.

    The third part is dealing with architectural and design-methodological questions of preservation. Especially the didactic architectural presentation of archaeological heritage, the reuse and functional problems of industrial and vernacular buildings for modern purposes.

    One practical measuring project must be carried out, following the instructions of the lecturer.