Contemporary Urban Design - BMEEPUI0801

  • Contemporary Urban Design (CUD)_BMEEPUI0801

    This course is no more available, but check and apply for the new version introduced in 2022: 

    BMEEPUIQ701 / Contemporary City: urban form and space usage

    Dr. BENKŐ Melinda habil PhD
    every second Friday afternoon 

    Understanding the contemporary design challenge is not about what to do, but how to think about what to do. The seminar focuses on the closed/open duality because this qualitative dimension has two different overlaying levels: on one hand, characterizes the physical urban form developed and designed by professionals, but on the other hand, defines the everyday space usage within the city. As students have different cultural and educational backgrounds, so the course uses the opportunity to learn from each other, to discover and compare several contemporary urban design case studies and visualization technics related to aspects of the closed/open duality. The five 4x45minute-long lessons - presentations and discussions - are the followings: Introduction / Closed block patterns / Open block patterns / In-between patterns / Students' team works.