Department's Design 1. - BMEEPUIQ601

  • Thematics of the course


    Practical design course of the 6th semester of the Integrated Master and of the 2nd semester of the Urban Specialization of the Master curriculum.

    Theme of the semester: Public Life Studies.

    The aim of the course is to raise awareness and curiosity of students towards everyday, ordinary acts and situations present in public space. Students will discover everyday life and act as "archeologists of the present" by observing and documenting daily spatial practices of people. During the course students are given topics to help ordinate their focus of observations. Their collection of inquiries will be presented in the form of short video documentaries.

    In the second part of the semester students are to carry out site-specific, action-based real interventions in public space building on their experience acquired during the making of the documentaries.  The interventions need to express students' critical understanding toward their environment: They are required to challenge the status quo of how public space can be used and  turn hidden possibilities of the urban environment into lived experience.