Preservation of Historic Monuments TM - BMEEPETM2T1


    Lecturers: Ákos ZSEMBERY and Zorán VUKOSZÁVLYEV

    Responsible lecturer of the course: Ákos Zsembery

    Educational methods: lectures, 2 credits

    Requirements: mind-term mark

    The aim of the subject is to transfer theoretical and practical knowledge related to the protection of the built heritage. During the semester, we will discuss in detail the more than 200-year-old history of monument protection, the process of developing monument protection principles, and the architect's responsibilities in preserving historical, aesthetic, and architectural values. The method of negotiation is the analysis of historical restorations, on the theoretical basis of the age. Particular attention should be paid to the presentation of the most important findings of the theoretical literature of the last 200 years, and this is especially necessary to understand the theory of monument protection emerging in the second half of the 20th century. We evaluate the theory (and practice) of European monument protection through the work of the French Viollet-le-Duc, the Italian Boito and the German-speaking cultural scene represented by Riegel, Dvorak and Dehio.

    The presentation of the international aspirations defining the 20th century is given through the operation of UNESCO and ICOMOS, by analyzing the intellectual background: the spirit of the chartas on monument protection.

    Within the framework of the practice of monument protection, we discuss the importance of surveys (inventories) prior to restorations, than research tasks, and the process of evaluating research results during the preparation of planning. We present the theoretical foundations of monument preservation techniques and the methodology of design. The topic of the development of heritage protection on the scale of the settlement closes the lectures of the semester.