Diploma Project Studio M IP - BMEEPIPMD01


    Consultants: József Árva DLA, István Bartók DLA, Iván Nagy DLA, Dávid Szabó DLA, Zoltán Szécsi DLA, Zsolt Vasáros DLA

    Responsible lecturer: István Bartók DLA

    Classes per week: 26 hours practice

    Credit value: 26 credits

    Requirement type: mid-term mark

    Requirements: Project submission. Due to the current dean’s circular 1 personal consultation plus 1 online (single or team) consultation possibility is offered. The design diary must be continuously diarized about the design process. The course being based on consultation, continuous, real consultation is recommended throughout the semester!

    Short description:

    The subject will be fulfilled through the student’s work with the contribution of the department’s consultants. The progress is followed by consultations, the presentation and critics in public and studio work-conversation. The design program is chosen and elaborated by the student and accepted by the department. The plans of the establishment’s have to be completed m=1:100, or m=1:200 with constant consultation of the associate departments as follows:

    Parts of the project to be completed:

    1. Preliminary design 2. Final design