Interdisciplinary, Project based Design F - BMEEPTCEP01

  • First group of the EN-ER2 course (Tuesday-Thursday)

    Future Recreational Uses by the Danube
    Department of Urban Planning and Design    +
    Department of Construction Technology and Management


    Theme of the course

    What should be done with the riverside of the Danube? Who will be the future users, and what amenities will they use? How can an urban master plan be disseminated and branded in order to convince city officials? In the autumn semester of 2021 the Department of Urban Planning and Design, together with the Department of Construction technology and Management will organise the Interdisciplinary, Project based Design studio in Dunaújváros. The site is the former soviet industrial city, built in the style of socialist realism, but today it faces many challenges, one of which is the use of the Danube banks, the connection of the river to the city. In the autumn semester the Interdisciplinary class will investigate potentials of future uses for the riverside, and students will create a comprehensive and visionary masterplan for recreational uses along the Danube. In order to make these complex masterplans convincing, we will introduce the tools of branding in city design as well.
    Students will work together with Hungarian groups, who are students of the Department of Urban Planning and Design, and are also working on the same site. The project program and location is part of the department's ongoing international research project DANUrB+, where universities and NGOs work on researching and reviving shrinking middle and small sized cities along the Danube with the involvement of local stakeholders and the tools of urban design and architecture.
    Classes will be held on Tuesday and Thursday. Exact time of class will be determined at a later point.
    Join our class if you want to generate real solutions for existing problems with the tools of urban planning and branding strategies! See you in September!

    Progress throughout the semester
    The course will be held in a workshop style. Students' will be accompanied by consultants of both departments (design & structural). Students will have to complete their tasks in groups. Groups will be international and formed in a way that students in the group are from different countries and years of their studies. 

    In the beginning of the course students will get familiar with the site and the task in the form of presentations and site visit. Students have to document an analysis of the site, and find inspiring examples related to the task. 

    The classroom K 222 is available for the students all day on Tuesday and Thursday. Note that the door is not locked and other students use the class room on other days.

    The course Project Design is run by two departments: the Department of Urban Planning and Design and the Department of Construction Technology and Management. Students’ work will be accompanied by consultants of both departments.

    Lecturers responsible:       Bálint KÁDÁR PhD, Adrienn LEPEL PhD
    Consultants:                     from Department of Urban Planning and Design
                                           Bálint KÁDÁR PhD, János KLANICZAY 

                                           from Department of Construction Technology and Management
                                           Adrienn LEPEL PhD

    - active presence during the semester (70% of classes)
    - accepted presentation of preliminary study of site analysis and inspiring examples
    - accepted presentation of concept design (to be specified during class)
    - accepted presentation of final design project plans (to be specified during class)

    The final grade will be established as the result of the personal and team work of the student in class and at home, and based on the quality of the final presentation.


    To be announced in the beginning of the semester!