Comprehensive Design 2, Studio T - BMEEPETT911


    Responsible lecturer: Ákos Zsembery PhD

    Credit: 10

    Requirement type:  term plan


    The theme of the design within the subject can be choosen freely (with the agreament of the personal consultant). It is a general obligation to chose a theme that is closely related to the main profile of the department: transformation of, or addition to a historic monument, exposition of a ruin, setting a new building into a historic surrounding, new intervention in a characteristic little scale settlement or a protected cultural landscape. There is a preliminary research that is to be carried out right at the biginning of the design process: probably a true-to-form measuring of the building, scientific documentation, historic research, architectural periodization. To support this additional work of the cours the students ar free to choose one of our subjects related to this research (Research of Historic Monuments - Műemlék kutatási gyakorlat (BMEEPET 0431). The department will also offer prepared themes if it is necessary according to the students desire.