Contemporary City: Urban Form and Space Usage - BMEEPUIQ701

  • Contemporary City: urban form and space usage / 2022 fall

    Understanding the contemporary development of the inherited urban landscape is not about what to do, but how to think about what to do. The seminar focuses on the closed/open duality of the urban fabric because this qualitative dimension characterizes not only the physical context but is also strongly related to the social. On one hand, the degree of closeness/openness is one of the most important characteristics of every historical, modern, and contemporary urban form, and on the other hand, these physical forms influence or define the space usage within the city.

    As international students have various cultural and educational backgrounds, the course uses the opportunity to learn from each other, to discover, and compare several urban case studies. The practical part facilitates this method by analyzing so-called “déjá vu” urban situations worldwide. The course introduces local and global components that shape the contemporary city and gives tools for further complex discovery related to urban design or research.

    The double lessons are every second Friday afternoon, BME K building 350.

    Dates in 2022: Sept 09, Sept 23, Oct 07, Nov 04, Nov 18, Dec 02

    The course is open for master's students (MSc) and 4th or 5th-year students from the Integrated master and exchange (Erasmus) students.