Specialization Design Course - BMEEPUIQ711


    Department of Urban Planning and Design

    ABOVE_02 / hidden opportunities of the urban roofscape

    teachers: BENKŐ Melinda habil PhD, DOBOS Botond DLA
    person in charge: BENKŐ Melinda habil PhD
    6 credits
    grading: semester mark 

    “Living above” and health issues of the urban habitat are needed to be rethought because of the climate changes, the recent pandemic period, and urbanization in general. The aim of this course is to find ways to improve the quality of human life in densely populated residential areas by activating untapped opportunities of the existing physical infrastructure, the ROOFSCAPE. So, we focus on the flat roofs of multistorey buildings, and we try to develop not only design proposals about the possible utilizations of the currently neglected roof surfaces but use these interventions in a more complex way related to social, economic, and technical issues of the urban context.

    Our site is in the inner zone of Budapest, in the 3th district between Tímár - Bécsi - Selmeci streets and the Danube River -, but the knowledge gained is transferrable to any similar or denser urban context in the world.

    This topic is well introduced in Netherland, and by educational cooperation, during the semester we have the chance to follow an urban design studio in TUDELFT researching and planning Budapest and do a common half-day workshop in Budapest with students from Delft.