Architectural Research for Exchange Students - ET - BMEEPET0995



    Responsible lecturer: Ágnes Gyetvai Balogh PhD

    Credit: 6

    Requirement type: mid-term mark

    Similarly to the international practice, the course aims primarily research activity in architecture and its documentation. The possible horizon of the research topics is determined by the course lists of the departments and the personal interest of the students. Besides the architectural topics, the course will give an appreciation of interdisciplinary and special fields in the international environment too. The project work will demonstrate generic and specific skills and understanding of the open and synthetic character of the research.

    The objective of this course is to hone the skills of analysis and abstraction in order to develop a framework for research. The student should be able to draw from precedent in the art, architecture, and engineering in the development of this framework, which will act as scaffolding for the theoretical, experimental and creative decisions. This course will consist of a series of consultations to the teachers, but the essay should write by the student. The available topics are given by the Departments of the Faculty. The student can propose also a special topic for research during the course, but the teacher has to be agreeing with the proposal.